Williams Steel Erects Bridge at Kennedy Center

Williams Steel Erection Co., Inc. has erected yet another pedestrian bridge at the new addition to the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

The 150 ton, 310 ft long bridge was fabricated in large sections and deliverd to the site. It was then partially assembled on the ground and erected in 4 pieces over the weekend of May 10th to 13th.

The trapezoid shaped box girder design of the bridge meant custom assembly jigs and shoring had to be used during the operation to ensure stability. The work required a total road closure of a major arterial roadway in the District.

The bridge, which crosses Rock Creek Parkway next to the Potomac River in downtown Washington, DC, is part of the $250 million “The REACH” expansion of the Kennedy Center. It will officially open in September 2019.

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Williams Steel in Action at Ballston Quarter

When Williams Steel Erection Co., Inc. set the new pedestrian bridge at Ballston Quarter in Arlington, VA on February 15th and 16th, a camera crew was on hand to capture the action. Check out the video below of the operation as well as interviews with the key players explaining the special challenges of this project and how they were overcome.

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Project of the Year Winners in Connector Magazine

The Steel Erectors Association of America (SEAA) has published their 2018 Project of the Year winners in the May edition of Connector Magazine. Included is Williams Steel Erection Co., Inc. for their Class III winning project, the Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project – Phase 2.

This long term project connects Dulles International Airport to the nation’s capitol. The company’s scope of work included 5 stations, 9 entrance pavilions, and 31 pedestrian bridge sections. For more information check out previous New posts.

Williams Steel Erection Wins 2018 SEAA Project of the Year

Trophy that says "2018 Project of the Year, Class III, Williams Steel Erection Co., Inc., Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project Phase 2, Dulles, VA"

Congratulations to the Williams Steel Erection Co., Inc. team for winning the Class III 2018 SEAA Project of the Year for their work on the Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project – Phase 2. The award is given to projects that “demonstrate complexity, unusual conditions, issues, and barriers requiring special management team action or performance.”

The project team faced many challenges on this project including the 12 mile long jobsite, 5+ year project duration, limited access, and the shear scope of the work to be done.

Williams Steel Erection Co., Inc. employees previously won a 2019 Washington Building Congress Craftsmanship Award for their work on the project. The company gave a presentation of the project’s challenges and how it overcame them at the 47th SEAA Convention & Trade Show in Charlotte, NC on April 25, 2019.

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Williams Steel Has Metro Covered

The curved stainless steel canopies that cover the entrances to underground stations are familiar to anyone who has ridden on Washington DC’s Metrorail. Over the years Williams Steel Erection Co., Inc. has erected many of these canopies including the one pictured below at the Shady Grove station. This canopy is one of ten canopies the company has been contracted to erect recently.

These canopies are erected at night to avoid interruptions to Metrorail service and are often located in tight quarters. To ensure that erection can be completed in these conditions, the roof sections are made into large panels in the shop and shipped whole to the site. Their complex shape requires special attention to how the sections are rigged and erected.

The canopies were fabricated by Chattanooga Boiler and Tank Co. in Chattanooga, TN.

The Union Bank & Trust Center at JMU

Williams Steel Erection Co., Inc. has begun erection of the new Union Bank & Trust Center at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA. Slated to open in the fall of 2020, this new indoor arena will seat 8,500 during sporting events and 10,000 during commencement.

Williams Steel Erection will be erecting about 2,500 tons of structural steel including roof trusses that weigh 60 tons each and are up to 230 feet long. Progress on the project can be followed via webcam.

The steel for the project is being fabricated by Banker Steel Company in Lynchburg, VA and S.B. Ballard Construction is the general contractor.

Congratulations to Craftsmanship Award Winners!

Williams Steel Erection Co., Inc. congratulates the Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project – Phase 2 team for winning a 2019 Washington Building Congress Award! The awards banquet was held March 29th and recognised the company’s craftsmen for their “high standards of excellence in the construction trades.”

Williams Steel Erection Co., Inc. thanks all employees who worked on the project for their efforts, especially the foreman who were recognized at the banquet; Sherman Hill, Wilber Salguero, William Martinez, John Manfredi, and Cameron Maddox. The company would not be able to perform the complex and exciting work that it does without these experience craftsmen. Congratulations to each one of them for this achievement.

The Williams Steel Erection Co., Inc. team at the 2019 Washington Building Congress Craftsmanship Awards.

Community Interest in Ballston Bridge

It is great to see lots of interest from the community on the recently erected Ballston Quarter pedestrian bridge completed by Williams Steel Erection Co., Inc. The Williams Steel team is honored to be able to use our expertise to enhance our community and the whole mid-Atlantic region. This post contains some highlights of the operation from around the internet.

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Another Bridge at Loudoun Gateway

Williams Steel Erection Co., Inc. and Williams Construction Services have done it again with the erection of a pedestrian bridge connecting the new Loudoun Gateway Station on the second phase of the Washington Metro’s Silver Line to a new parking garage being built by Loudoun County to service the station.

This 175 ft long, 100 ton bridge was assembled on the ground in two pieces and set in place using Williams Construction Services 300 Ton capacity truck crane.

To successfully complete this project, Williams Steel drew on their extensive experience building pedestrian bridges on 5 of the stations that make up the second phase of the Silver Line for which they won a 2019 Washington Building Congress Craftsmanship Award. The Loudoun Gateway Station can be seen in the background of the photo above.

The tight placement and size of this bridge provided unique conditions which Williams Steel overcame by building the bridge in two sections utilizing a custom engineered shoring solution to support the bridge during final placement. It is this type of carefully planned operation that Williams Steel Erection and Williams Construction Services specialize in.

Check out more pictures of this operation below.

Connecting Arlington

The Ballston Quarter pedestrian bridge crossing Wilson Boulevard in Arlington, Virginia has been a community landmark for many years. When the owner decided to replace the bridge they wanted to create an iconic structure that would set it apart and had a daring architectural design prepared. Then they had to build it.

This is where Williams Steel Erection Co., Inc. comes in. The complex shape, large size, and location over a busy street in downtown Arlington are just some of the challenges that had to be overcome to build the structure. To make it happen, Williams Steel used innovative “accelerated bridge construction” methods that it has become known for.

First, the 145 ft long, 100 ton bridge was completely assembled about a quarter of a mile from the final location in Mosaic Park. The bridge was fabricated by Crystal Steel Fabricators in Memphis, Tennessee and shipped to Virginia in large, truck-sized pieces.

Bridge during assembly in Mosaic Park.
Fully assembled bridge.

Next, the bridge was loaded onto, Williams Steel’s Goldhofer heavy haul trailer pulled by our Oshkosh M1040 prime mover and moved from the park to the final location. This operation involved significant coordination to close streets, move traffic lights and signs, and keep the public safe.

Diagram of bridge transportation path through Arlington.
The Goldhofer heavy haul rig transporting the bridge.

Finally, the bridge was hoisted into place using a 600 Ton capacity crane and set down on the piers.

Bridge being hoisted into place.

Building the bridge structure using this method saved weeks to months of road closures on Wilson Boulevard and eliminated many of the safety risks associated with a partially completed structure being built over a road. When done properly by experienced professionals, this type of operation is much safer and simpler than traditional methods of construction over roadways.

The team at Williams Steel Erection Co., Inc. provides the resources and experience to complete this and other projects of similar complexity and standing. We are honored to be able to use these abilities to provide services that enhance our community and communities throughout the mid-Atlantic region.

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