Press Releases

Manassas, Virginia — October 30, 2020 — Williams Industries, Inc., a construction holding company based in Manassas, Virginia, announced today that it is no longer a publicly-traded company. The Williams family, through merger filings made with the Virginia Sate Corporation Commission, stated they will be paying $4.13 per share to all minority shareholders as of this date.

In a letter to the minority shareholders, the Williams family thanked them for their loyalty to Williams Industries over the years and added “While Williams Industries’ shares are no longer available for purchase, the Company’s subsidiaries will continue to be strongly involved in the Washington metropolitan area’s construction community. Again, thank you for your participation in the Company’s history.”

Williams Industries Inc. is the parent company of Williams Steel Erection Co., Inc., Williams Construction Services, S.I.P. Inc. of Delaware, Piedmont Metal Products and WII Realty Management. The Company’s subsidiaries provide a wide range of quality, cost competitive services and products for the industrial, commercial and institutional construction markets. These services include: steel, precast concrete and miscellaneous metals erection and installation; crane rental, heavy and specialized hauling and rigging; the fabrication of “stay-in-place” bridge decking and light structural and other metal products. The majority of the Company’s business is currently done in the Mid-Atlantic region. Aggressive marketing and a reputation for quality performance make Williams Industries’ subsidiaries leaders in the Company’s traditional market areas. It is anticipated these attributes will continue to serve the Company well in the competitive process.


Marianne Pastor