Microsoft 365 Introduction

Williams Industries, Inc. uses the Microsoft 365 platform for online services such as email, cloud storage, and video conferencing.  In this series of articles you will learn the basics of Microsoft 365 and walk through the steps to set up your account.

What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is more than just an email system.  It is an entire online services platform which includes many different features which we are sure you will find useful.

Don’t like change?  That’s okay, most users will be able to continue to use their email in the same way they always have.  With a few exceptions, the way you access and store your email can stay the same.  You can then try using the new features at your own pace as you find them helpful.

What’s Included?

More secure sign in​​​​​​​

Online security is a big deal nowadays.  It seems like there is always a story in the news about the latest hack.  The #1 way to protect online systems from unwanted access is to make sure individual users have secure login information.  To make sure our accounts are secure, we require all users to use Multi-Factor Authentication to sign into their accounts.

Learn more about Multi-Factor Authentication

Cloud file storage​​​​​​​

All users have access to cloud file storage with the OneDrive service.  Most users will have 1 TB (1000 GB) of storage space which should be more than most will ever need.

Learn more about OneDrive cloud storage

Microsoft Office updates​​​​​​​

Most are probably familiar with Microsoft’s Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)  In the past Microsoft has released a new version of this software about every three years and if you wanted the latest version you had to physically buy and install it.  With Microsoft 365 that is no longer.  Most users will have the ability to install Microsoft Office desktop software on up to five work computers, all included in their account subscription.  As a part of the transition process you will install the latest version of Office software.  Then, as Microsoft releases future updates, you will receive a notification to update when your computer is ready to do so.  The process is simple and only takes a few clicks.  All users are asked to update their software as soon as practical after updates are released.  This will ensure you have access to the latest features and any important security fixes are in place.

Learn more about installing Office Updates

​​​​​​​Dozens of new apps​​​​​​​

Microsoft 365 is so much more than just email and traditional Microsoft Office software.  There are literally dozens of new online software programs and services for you to explore and learn about.

Learn more about the available apps

Ready to get started?

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