Going Up

Williams Steel Erection Co., Inc. specializes in complex and challenging projects and one type of project that definitely fits this description is vertical expansions. Here are some pictures of a recent example of 200 Stovall Street with a view of the Alexandria skyline. What you can not see from the picture is the fact that this work is taking place on top of an existing 12 story building!

Jacking Existing Roof at 1401 Okie Street

Williams Steel Erection Co., Inc. is jacking the existing roof structure of 1401 Okie Street in order to preserve the existing truss system as a historical architecturally exposed element.  A fully engineered plan was developed specifically for this operation.  The 150 ft by 75 ft section being jacked was reinforced to accommodate the loading imposed during the operation.  Custom made support frames were designed and fabricated to transfer the load of the jacks and roof to the ground through the existing building structure.  Below are pictures from the setup prior to jacking and after.

Elkridge Library Addition

Williams Steel Erection Co., Inc. is erecting the new addition to the Elkridge Library in Elkridge, MD.  The job features a central core with architecturally exposed tube trusses which were assembled in boxes on the ground and hoisted as one unit to eliminate the need for temporary bracing or shoring.  The steel was fabricated by Crystal Steel Fabricators.