Williams Versatility on Display at Norfolk Parking Garage

Despite having the word “steel” in their name, Williams Steel Erection Co., Inc. does more than just hang iron. The company’s broad experience in heavy construction can be seen through their work with erecting bridges, moving massive transformers, and erecting precast structures as displayed in it’s recent work on the West 38t Street Parking Garage in Norfolk, Virginia.

The new 240-space parking garage will service a new 150-unit apartment complex adjacent to Old Dominion University. Williams Steel Erection’s scope of work including erecting approximately 250 pieces of structural precast including columns, shear wall panels, double tees, and stairs with the heaviest weighing in at 65,000 pounds.

Erection was done with a 330-Ton Liebherr LR1300 crawler crane and a 210-Ton Link-Belt ATC-3210 hydraulic truck crane, both provided by Williams Construction Services. The precast concrete was supplied by Concrete Building Systems.

The combination of experience performing difficult heavy construction work and a wide range of on-hand owned and operated equipment makes Williams Industries, Inc. a leader in complex projects of all types in the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond. Take a look at some photos of this project below and check out the rest of the site for more.