Ballston Quart Ped Bridge Wins AISC Award

The Ballston Quarter Pedestrian Bridge, erected by Williams Steel Erection Co., Inc., has won a 2021 American Institute of Steel Design (AISC) IDEAS2 Award.

According to AISC, the “Innovative Design in Engineering and Architecture with Structural Steel (IDEAS²) Award program recognizes projects that illustrate the exciting possibilities of building with structural steel”. The Ballston Quarter Pedestrian Bridge project exemplifies this through its use of steel to create a unique twisted structure which serves as the architectural gateway to Ballston.

While beautiful, this uniqueness made the process of constructing the bridge a major challenge. It required a complex operation where the bridge was fully assembled a half mile from the site and moved to the final location using specialized rigging and hauling equipment owned by Williams Steel Erection Co., Inc and Williams Construction Services. This was a project that could only be completed by a highly talented and experienced team, like that at Williams Industries, Inc.

In addition to the IDEAS2 award, Williams Steel Erection Co., Inc. won a 2019 Steel Erection Association of America (SEAA) Project of the Year award for this project. You can read more about the IDEAS2 award and see additional pictures on the AISC website.